I am getting very frustrated due to  recent failure don’t know how to deal with it,

first one,

applied GATE exam but i am not able to prepare for that on top of it pressure from aunts and uncle to crack it dont know what will happen.

second one,

not getting into good company,getting rejected by lots lots of companies previously i used to clear aptitude exm but now that also not happening lots of companies rejected me



let me list them accordingly,


was not preppared with proper memory arragment in operating system,threads was not prepared.


was not prepared with basic c++ concept – oops concept,function pointer,and database was not cleared.

3-> cisco

couldnt clear first round

4-> akamai

couldnt clear first round


they were worst they made us wait till late evening and rejected.


coudnt write because of unisis.


couldnt clear thier written test.



they took only selected persons with cgpa between  8.5-9 i was above it so missed it.

9 ->akamai testing

i coundlnt write it because i was stuck with pavit bus .these assholes couldnt reach to banglore at right time.

10->Direct i

i wrote it i cleared it with 3rd rank . but they never came back again to take interwiew.Dont know y they did it like that.(still waiting for them).


i knew how to code but thier compiler was too much fucked up that it coudlnt display the output for the code we wrote.


it was for consultant job so i was not interested (now regreting it).


i wrote it cleared it but just because of 1mark they were planning to give me testing job so I rejected it.

14->SAP labs

my dream company wrote it properly but due to negligency of placement department the labs which CSE people were seated were not considered for evaluation.( was depressed)


their paper was so lengthy that i wasnt able to read them in one sitting somehow i wrote it but couldnt clear it.

16->Microsoft GTSE

cleared first round in group discussion was not selected due to lack of interest.I was in an urge of crying….


was not prepared well and lost this one also….


cleared 1st round,cleared second round ,but in third round was rejected because i didnt knew much about pointers…dead by now


again they came today now i did well hoping to clear this.too much desparate to get this.please god save me………please please


still lots to come hope i dont loose hope.