hello guys,

I am posting here my today’s experience of microsoft interview.

today microsoft came to our college for developer post.will explain briefly down below.

first i needed to take permission from manager where i was intern,I dropped her an email stating that i can’t come due to project synopsis issue(other reason  :-p)(even my manager would have made an excuse if she would have got an opportunity like microsoft).But sadly she didn’t agree  for it.                                                                             then asked my mentor to send her(manager) a mail.at last my mentor helped me(it was so nice of her).then comes rounds.

it was hosted on cocubes.

1st round:-(30 minutes 15 Q):

all Question were on output recognisation,one was trick one

*) 2 3d cumbes joined from one point on each other.we needed to find number of ways between 2 points .points were poles apart.

*)most were on linked list so get your linked list knowledge more.(circular linked list)

*)some process and test question.

they selected arround 170 from 200 so it was like selecting almost all.                                In next round our pass key was not working (2 of us) so they gave new candidate key and pass key.Hope so that wont miss calculate our scores.

2nd round(60 minues 2 Q):

it had mostly different for different students.

1st Q)find maximum difference of index j-i in an array A given with length N such that A[j]>A[i] and j>i;

ex A= 22 3 2 30 36 3

A[4]>A[0] ans is (4-0)   4

it was easy so could clear it.

2nd Q)find sum of boundary value in a Binary  tree given a Binary Tree.

it was trick Question,

I solved it by calculating sum of left node data value and sum of right node data value and sum of leaf data value.I luckily got it at 58th minute (phew).

solution GFG :-http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/boundary-traversal-of-binary-tree/

Now waiting for them to conduct next round.Till then preparation time.