hello guys,

Its been long time didn’t write anything here.Its because I may have taken  microsoft rejection seriously.Now its fine.Let me descirbe how it went.

On the day of interview I went to pesit college with full enthusiasm that i will crack it.

first round: Group Fly 

They came in and asked 2 Q;

  1. find lowest common ansestor of 2 given node.I gave a solution they checked it with all test cases and corrected me they were helpful.(find distance of 2 given nodes recursively from root to downwards if you couldnt find distance return its parent.)
  2. given 2 arrays find kth minimum element among those 2 array.                                           ex:A1: 0 1 1 2 3 3 4                                                                                                                                          A2:1 2 7 8 6 7 9                                                                                                                                  so 5th smallest element will be  2                                                                                                       (use merge sort)I wrote this on paper he was so happy that he selected me for next round.

secod round:Interview

I was called then it went well. she was very much calm and experienced  but too helping in  nature.(I advide you guys to ask help they will definately help you).She asked me directly Q no intro nothing.

  1. find 2 number in an array of billion numbers such that their sum equal to given number.                                                                                                                                                       Ex. A: 1,2,3,4,6,734,2,342,3,25,452,3425,………….                                                                                 sum =40    find x,y in array such that x+y=sum.                                                                      Do it using keeping another array of size sum ..I guess you guys got it
  2. find maximum contenious sub array sum problem.( I knew this problem as i had solved this in hackerearth its KADANE’s Algorithm)

she was happy with the way i explained to her.

third Round:Interview

I was nervous about this interview.He took me in and asked me my intro.then I was able to say proerly .He asked me Q

  1. fold of linked list. I explained  him then he asked me to code it.I did it but couldnt see all boundary casess so he was not happy with it.I still regret y i didnt write proper code.
  2. next he asked me oops concept i explained him.Then asked me ooverrinding in deep.With code I explained him but did a mistake in creating pointer to base class.Again a point for sadness
  3. he asked me a linked list puzzle .extra Random pointer one.I dindt get it then he helped me to over come it .then asked him few Q like what he do in microsoft then what statergy they use in microsoft to solve problem and build project.Then i justified him how i would code 1st Q he asked according to answer given by him.He said me at end to have strong basic as i flumblled at base class pointer.

At this point only 5 were left.

Fourth round :Interview

I didnt had any clue what this round going to be.Then came a heavy specs guy.He was Busy with his laptop gave me a problem which seemed to me as some heavy strikning thing.It was to find diameter of BT.I tried my best and gave a solution but as I wrote code too long it was not recognizable.Thats it he checked for corner cases and said you have to do this and said me you can do it but thill then i was rejected.

thats it guys I was Rejected .Hope you guys had greate expirence reading it.Read GeekForGeeks thats more than enough.

Thank you.

And ya it is my 18th Rejection