I was just reading through a short story on internet,came across a few wonderful stories which depict what really you should be and the way of life you should lead.
please read the full story to understand the meaning of it.
here it begins:-

Once there was a young lad, leading his way in a lustrous, lavish and mesmerizing life. He had no fear nor worries of being snatched off his lifestyle from him. before he got bored of anything there would be a new thing on his way. A life all dreamt of which in their 20s or 30s.
A few days later he came across a man who was as rich as he was, as prosperous one could imagine, an empire in which whole city can flourish. yound lad meet this man and started a conversation with a slaggy handshake, man was wise enough to understood true nature of this lad and quickly finished the conversation.Before leaving man, advised him 2 things
1) “Do what is needed, Do what you want But never Do delay nor command”.
2)pleasure and satisfaction are guest bound to leave, respect your guest if wished to be visited again.
This lad went back to his house and got busy in his old habits.
One thing young lad noticed about the man was that, “man was collecting all the used and old stuffs from his house”.this view of man collecting all old stuffs was stuck in his mind. Few days later, due to that view he was too obvious to do that and ordered his workers to do collect all used and old stuffs for him.He had news from his little twinqlers(pigeons), that man is having new things and all those are getting very popular and interesting. To which this lad ordered all his workers to do some or other things. Workers being workers, did what is expected from them. But could not produce any new stuffs . all had failed to meet lads expectation. Yong lad lost interest in this work of reviewing workers invention, he left it and went to new invention which came into his way.
Months passed and young lad got bored but he could not understand what to do all his money was getting over and perrish into dust, All new things had vanished from his vicinty, now he was left with nothing to do. But he had a pile of old used stuffs. To his curious about that pile ,he went to man. on the time of arrival, he saw that the whole empire has become too rich and most beatiful.he went straight to this man and asked how did this happen.
Man explained him how he did what he wanted to do a new invention a day, and did it without any help which increased his knowledge and way to do it a day.
now pleasure and satisfaction visit him every day.

without concluding the story, I would like to let the readers to understand hidden meaning according to their vision and triumph in their life.