While struck at some random traffic ,random metro or in uber or while walking there will be millions of thoughts which will come and go.But few stays for  long time and make their way to permanent memory.

Here are some idea’s which stood for a very long time and needed some great attention to be given in future.

  • Flying machine
    • I know all have thought about such idea a long time ago but yet there is no cocreate implementation of it come out. waiting is always killing me with this concept. Will discuss much in later posts.
  • Time Travel
    • This came to me when I was fucking struck at traffic and wanted badly to reach home. Which also reminds me of the pain i went through that time. Which allowed me to think to the core of its tech where particles are allowed to compress and decompress as needed, Which allowed them to move freely in space and move swiftly. Though a concept deeply and thoroughly thought needed to be at ease for humans by 2050.
  • Emotion Injector
    • In this busy world where people have lost their emotions(including the writer) someone should be there to analyze and update their emotions, allow them to integrate their master emotions and let them have some pain along to give realistic approach and feel.
  • Robotic slave’s or helper’s
    • Would like to live the life of our ancestors who had their own slaves to do thier dirty work and get helped in all sorts of household choirs. These robotic slaves will do whatever we tell them to do and even do same job for fucking milions of times and even have brains to form community among themself.
    • An robotic comunity is all i dream about.

Lots more coming in future posts.