There has been extensive research about creating medical record storing blockchains, but the transition to a decentralized record and security system is not easy and has to be gradual. At present, there are more than 1 TB of medical records being created and modified. This data cannot be distributed in order to create a decentralized system. To solve this problem, we have created an MEDHOP System.
Exposing patient details is both unethical and unauthorized, so to make it public requires tamper proof security. MedHop makes security its top priority. Record maintenance is decentralized by having each medical entity keep a private blockchain which is a subset of the global one. Both blockchains are kept in sync and thus querying data becomes easy for the hospitals along with inherent advantages offered by a public blockchain.
Our system will work in 2 phases with 4 entities in the 1st phase which will give way to dissolution of one of them and incorporating a new one. The responsibilities will be shared in the 2nd phase. We present below the trust establishment and the overview of how we plan to achieve decentralization.