Lots of time people get into dilemma of friends and family members asking for their video streaming account like netflix or Hotstar. Even I faced when one of my friends asked for my netflix account and I wanted to give them access to my netflix account but doesn’t wanted to reveal my password.

This problem struck to me for a while. Searched a lot to solve such case, which might have been occurred to lot of people. Finally after weeks of searching I got hold of accessUrl which was created to solve such problem. Then my life was sorted, was creating url’s and was proving to my friends and even they were happy(Obviously, they were getting it for free).

Now the problem arrived again when accessUrl stopped working.( Don’t know why? but just stopped). So I was frustrated again. I though why rely on other’s , so created my own account sharing platform.(being an CS grad what else was there left in my life).

lets cut the crap start to describe how to actually share your Netflix,Hulu & Hotstar account.

  1. install this chrome-extension ShareUrl
  2. visit your netflix, Hulu or Hotstar account.(make sure you are logged in)
  3. click on shareUrl chrome-extension (Right top url bar)
  4. click on create url , copy it and share it .!!!!!!!!

That’s it now you can share it with your friends and family :-).

(some screenshots for people who wants to see it how it looks and work)

please visit this website to understand it better.

  1. https://shareurl.in

if you feel it helped you, feel free to drop a mail or comment on chrome-extension.