How an average Indian student gains access to the worlds richest knowledge hub. It is all sheer determination and consistency towards the goal and loads of determination. Sometimes even natural process might put stop to the journey, but once it is clear everything will be less tough.

Gaining comfort zone in SAP gave a lot of disadvantage. Added more fat and produced more waste. With SAP’s sugar coating to each and every product it gave, was a big alarm missed. Nevertheless, it is a closed chapter and a lesson learned for success.

Things Did in SAP:-

  • gained access to huge amount of funds and failed to repay the loan in the first month(big Mistake) (SBI took a lot of advantage)(eventually paid fully with that SALARY)
  • Lesson learn that get rid of the financial burden first and then invest in startup companies.
  • 14Kg +. huge disappointment (fat fat fat everywhere)
  • Traveled a lot with flatmates, good point.
  • Learned to manage time + work
  • Meet cool colleagues and went to parties.
  • Learned new coding language and industrial standards. (the good one)
  • learned good things from not so good people too.
  • Built smart cart(SAP hackathon) won the third price. Yay!!
  • Mocking of my grammatic mistakes by many in office, gave a push to do harder in TOEFL and gre.
  • Used SAP’s resources to the fullest(took resume print out, haha sorry)
  • SAP’s breakfast was awesome in cafe 5.(the main reason to come early)
  • More importantly, they introduced me to IIT graduates who taught me things which I could have never learned at all. (Sushant and Vivek)
  • From Noob to beginner transformation was the biggest one.
  • web SSH terminal for SCP and EAAS (Elastic search as service) was biggest achievement for me.
  •  Finally, a Kafka monitoring tool was given to final team. (they were more than happy, But for me, it was a learning and implementing phase)

Gave GRE and TOFLE twice and lost 1-year total towards preparing them. But for a non-English speaker and non-metro district background, It was a huge thing.

Will List below the total expenditures accordingly.

Forms Cost (Rupee)
GRE(2 times) 30000
TOEFL(2 times) 28000
Universities Application 38821
Transcript Sent 11291
TOEFL sent 4251
Worst investment(Princeton Review) 14000
Books(Barron + others) 2000
Total 137987

*  will update above as in when I remember

Above were just the cost of getting an Admit. After admit there were a few costs which I had to bear.

Expenses Cost(rupee)
Flight Ticket 70000
House Deposite(3 rent) 70000
Shopping 30000
Bags 10000
Other Losses 20000
Total 200000
  • will update as in when I remember


After all these expenditures, I had to settle the old loan which went up to( 400000).  Life was tough, and no matter what people say we have to have small dependency over money, But never rely on it.


Knowledge is key to success, no matter what just get it.


Above blog is only for reference purpose (me), don’t use it for urself or calculate ur expenditure based on it.