Centralized to Decentralized Healthcare Records and Security with Blockchain.


There has been extensive research about creating medical record storing blockchains, but the transition to a decentralized record and security system is not easy and has to be gradual. At present, there are more than 1 TB of medical records being created and modified. This data cannot be distributed in order to create a decentralized system. To solve this problem, we have created an MEDHOP System.
Exposing patient details is both unethical and unauthorized, so to make it public requires tamper proof security. MedHop makes security its top priority. Record maintenance is decentralized by having each medical entity keep a private blockchain which is a subset of the global one. Both blockchains are kept in sync and thus querying data becomes easy for the hospitals along with inherent advantages offered by a public blockchain.
Our system will work in 2 phases with 4 entities in the 1st phase which will give way to dissolution of one of them and incorporating a new one. The responsibilities will be shared in the 2nd phase. We present below the trust establishment and the overview of how we plan to achieve decentralization.


Sharing Netflix, Hulu and Hotstar account.

Lots of time people get into dilemma of friends and family members asking for their video streaming account like netflix or Hotstar. Even I faced when one of my friends asked for my netflix account and I wanted to give them access to my netflix account but doesn’t wanted to reveal my password.

This problem struck to me for a while. Searched a lot to solve such case, which might have been occurred to lot of people. Finally after weeks of searching I got hold of accessUrl which was created to solve such problem. Then my life was sorted, was creating url’s and was proving to my friends and even they were happy(Obviously, they were getting it for free).

Now the problem arrived again when accessUrl stopped working.( Don’t know why? but just stopped). So I was frustrated again. I though why rely on other’s , so created my own account sharing platform.(being an CS grad what else was there left in my life).

lets cut the crap start to describe how to actually share your Netflix,Hulu & Hotstar account.

  1. install this chrome-extension ShareUrl
  2. visit your netflix, Hulu or Hotstar account.(make sure you are logged in)
  3. click on shareUrl chrome-extension (Right top url bar)
  4. click on create url , copy it and share it .!!!!!!!!

That’s it now you can share it with your friends and family :-).

(some screenshots for people who wants to see it how it looks and work)

please visit this website to understand it better.


if you feel it helped you, feel free to drop a mail or comment on chrome-extension.

Hotstar hack (how to use hotstar for free)

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to give you all how I watch everything on hotstar without losing any money.

Lets begin:-

Brilliant Idea’s

While struck at some random traffic ,random metro or in uber or while walking there will be millions of thoughts which will come and go.But few stays for  long time and make their way to permanent memory.

Here are some idea’s which stood for a very long time and needed some great attention to be given in future.

  • Flying machine
    • I know all have thought about such idea a long time ago but yet there is no cocreate implementation of it come out. waiting is always killing me with this concept. Will discuss much in later posts.
  • Time Travel
    • This came to me when I was fucking struck at traffic and wanted badly to reach home. Which also reminds me of the pain i went through that time. Which allowed me to think to the core of its tech where particles are allowed to compress and decompress as needed, Which allowed them to move freely in space and move swiftly. Though a concept deeply and thoroughly thought needed to be at ease for humans by 2050.
  • Emotion Injector
    • In this busy world where people have lost their emotions(including the writer) someone should be there to analyze and update their emotions, allow them to integrate their master emotions and let them have some pain along to give realistic approach and feel.
  • Robotic slave’s or helper’s
    • Would like to live the life of our ancestors who had their own slaves to do thier dirty work and get helped in all sorts of household choirs. These robotic slaves will do whatever we tell them to do and even do same job for fucking milions of times and even have brains to form community among themself.
    • An robotic comunity is all i dream about.

Lots more coming in future posts.

A Wise man tale.

I was just reading through a short story on internet,came across a few wonderful stories which depict what really you should be and the way of life you should lead.
please read the full story to understand the meaning of it.
here it begins:-

Once there was a young lad, leading his way in a lustrous, lavish and mesmerizing life. He had no fear nor worries of being snatched off his lifestyle from him. before he got bored of anything there would be a new thing on his way. A life all dreamt of which in their 20s or 30s.
A few days later he came across a man who was as rich as he was, as prosperous one could imagine, an empire in which whole city can flourish. yound lad meet this man and started a conversation with a slaggy handshake, man was wise enough to understood true nature of this lad and quickly finished the conversation.Before leaving man, advised him 2 things
1) “Do what is needed, Do what you want But never Do delay nor command”.
2)pleasure and satisfaction are guest bound to leave, respect your guest if wished to be visited again.
This lad went back to his house and got busy in his old habits.
One thing young lad noticed about the man was that, “man was collecting all the used and old stuffs from his house”.this view of man collecting all old stuffs was stuck in his mind. Few days later, due to that view he was too obvious to do that and ordered his workers to do collect all used and old stuffs for him.He had news from his little twinqlers(pigeons), that man is having new things and all those are getting very popular and interesting. To which this lad ordered all his workers to do some or other things. Workers being workers, did what is expected from them. But could not produce any new stuffs . all had failed to meet lads expectation. Yong lad lost interest in this work of reviewing workers invention, he left it and went to new invention which came into his way.
Months passed and young lad got bored but he could not understand what to do all his money was getting over and perrish into dust, All new things had vanished from his vicinty, now he was left with nothing to do. But he had a pile of old used stuffs. To his curious about that pile ,he went to man. on the time of arrival, he saw that the whole empire has become too rich and most beatiful.he went straight to this man and asked how did this happen.
Man explained him how he did what he wanted to do a new invention a day, and did it without any help which increased his knowledge and way to do it a day.
now pleasure and satisfaction visit him every day.

without concluding the story, I would like to let the readers to understand hidden meaning according to their vision and triumph in their life.

Netflix Hack(how to use netflix for free)

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to give you all how I watch everything on netflix without loosing any money.

Lets begin:-

How this works is:-

Securely share access to websites with 
colleagues and family without giving away your
 username and password. shareUrl gives you a secure URL that 
temporarily gives others access to the website you're currently signed into.

Technical stuff:-

It gathers the cookies generated in provider who creates shareurl link.Then store those session or http cookies into its data and give it a link.Then when clients hit those links it will use those cookies and use them and make client PC as providers PC.


Please leave a comment if they are not working.

Screenshot (29)


Protected: Its SAP!!!

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Protected: SAP (9) vs SAMSUNG (16) battle bigins

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SAP Interview Process

2016  hiring off-campus.

Hello all I would like to tell about my SAP magical interview process.

First, lots of thanks to which help me prepare well for SAP interview

I got opportunity to write sap’s test for fresher’s hiring through my cousin’s referral or hackerearth IndiaHacks referral as both had given me opportunity to write for sap.


Coming to process ,

First Round[Online test ,105 min]

It consist of ,

1. Personality test
2. Testing Aptitude
3. English Essay
4. Design Aptitude
5. Coding Skills
6. Analytical Aptitude

Concentrate on coding as it carries more weight.I had 2 coding Question easy one’s constructing calculator and finding missing number. EX:-







4 X 5 = 9



2nd coding Question was finding number of bits in a given interger.


I got both output.Be prepared as SAP compilers are not same as hackerearth or hackerrank’s.they are difficult to understand and code .

Second Round [Technical Interview ,  2:15 hr]

I had interview at sap after 1 month it was long period of time.

There were 2 interviewer one senior and another 2 year experience they bombarded me with their Question one after another.

  1. what is constant pointer and pointer to constant?explain with example                           [I struggled little bit  here but he helped me]
  2. which language are you comfortable with?                                                                               [c++ as i have worked a lot in c++]
  3. what is JSON?                                                                                                                                       [as i had worked on json in]
  4. why have you used  JSON not xml?                                                                                                 [because it is parsed by almost all language and light weight]
  5. what is operator overloading? explain with example                                                                    [I knew it properly so explained with example]
  6. what is pointer?
  7. coding question : reverse a linked list in groups of given size?[] discussed a lot on this question
  8. swapping of 2 numbers without using temp variable?                                                              [easy one use + operator ]
  9. swapping of 2 numbers without using temp and + variable? what if one number if MAX_INT?                                                                                                                                                   [i thought for some time and said use XOR he was happy].
  10. OOPS concepts?
  11. what do you know about SAP?                                                                                                              [be prepared it’s important]
  12. what are SAP products?                                                                                                                     [as i had worked on SAP lumira i said about it]
  13. what is cloud computing?                                                                                                                      [said about resourse managment,Database server sharing ,OS managment and IAS,PAS,SAS]
  14. any Question for us?                                                                                                                                [don’t leave ask Question it shows your interest in sap]

after this i was asked to sit outside .after 15 min i was called for managerial round.

Third Round [managerial Interview ,1:35hr’s]

he introduced himself to me and asked to settle down.right at that time airtel spam calls started i was rushing to shut them down he said “its okay take it if it is important” i said sorry and shut my mobile.[please shut down your mobile]

then started question’s

  1. write function which behaves as AND gate using conditional operator?                                [I knew AND gate as i was good in EC so i did it]                                                                            [BOOL myAndGate(BOOL a,BOOL b){return (a)?(b):(a)}]
  2. write function which behaves as OR gate using conditinal operator?                                    [It was similar if you try you will get it. I even wrote truth table for both so he was happy]
  3. he started to ask like in which position you stand in your class?
  4. why have you not placed yet?
  5. explain about your project ?
  6. who worked more in your project?                                                                                                      [I said everyone worked equally.He still was trying a lot like who worked on critical part I stood my ground.{Never change your answer no matter what happens}]
  7. he gave me table  which had duplicate rows and said to query which gives all rows which are duplicate?                                                                                                                            [I tried with group by but missed having clause as i didn’t knew about it.He helped me a lot]
  8. He asked do you know dynamic programming?                                                                              [I said yes as i had solved problems in hackerearth and hackerrank]
  9. he asked whats your rank in hackerrank and hackererarth?
  10. what is dynamic programming?                                                                                                          [problem solving method where solution is derived from previous computed solution]
  11. he gave me same problem reverse linked list with group  I said sir it was given to me in previous round he checked and left it.
  12. He searched on net some dynamic problem I was full afraid what if i didn’t get it then he gave me one Question with full pseudo code I was just needed to write two conditions .
  13. he gave LCS problem?                                                                   []                                              [I drew matrix which was helpful as he was expecting it {I guess} and then he helped me to solve it]
  14. he asked me any Question?                                                                                                                    [I asked him 2 -3 Question as you should never leave interview without asking Questions]

He took me to cafeteria asked me to have food and will get back to you.

I went  to have food and came back early because i didn’t wanted to miss when they will call me.Finally they called me for HR round.

Fourth Round [HR round, 35min]

they were 2 HR guys. they introduced them-selves to me. and asked regular Questions it was a bit relaxing round.

  1. how were your previous rounds?
  2. How do you rate your performance in those rounds?
  3. why SAP?
  4. do you have any offers?
  5. do you know any SAP products?
  6. who are SAP’s biggest competitors?                                                                                                  [it came out of syllabus as i was not prepared for it. Do prepare all these it will help you]
  7. Any Questions?

after that one HR guy came and said me you have cleared all rounds we would like to take your details and will contact you if you are selected by comparing with others {as there was another interview date for other candidates}.

Finally after 5 days they sent mail saying you got selected……..

I was happy finally and enjoyed my holidays as I had gone to GOA with friends.

It was magical interview for me which made me finally relax a bit.

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